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LinkedIn users mostly Internet Explorer users

While most users are prefer new browsers such as Firefox and Chrome (see global browser usage statistics), users of LinkedIn seem to be stuck with Internet Explorer as the browser of their choice.

I used Google URL shortener service for my last post on Twitter tips and submitted to some of my LinkedIn groups related to marketing. The result was surprising.

Link submitted to LinkedIn Groups

Clicks on the LinkedIn link

For the 203 clicks that I got in 4 days, 193 users were using Internet Explorer (IE) as their browser. Which is over 95%. The rest (less than 5%) were from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others combined. Also surprisingly, it is mostly users from USA that were using Internet Explorer. (I have shared only the top 5 countries here).

LinkedIn visitor profile

As a conclusion I guess LinkedIn could notify their users to try other browsers as well! And how about other browsers do some advertising on LinkedIn? Or as an online marketer, the good thing is you now know that you are mostly dealing with IE users on LinkedIn.

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5 tips on using Twitter for effective communication

Twitter is a great marketing tool that can be used to full potential when we use it as a communication tool instead of just for status update (tweet). Here are 5 tips to start using Twitter effectively for communication.

Twitter Communication Tips
How Coca Cola uses Twitter communication effectively to reach out to its users

1) Follow
To start Twitter communication, it is best to follow users that interest you or your brand. Also, more people you follow, more you are likely to get followed back. But there is no right follow to follower ratio – if you are a good communicator or are a celebrity or have good things to say, more people are likely to follow you. Follow users gradually than all at once for best results. For individual Twitter account, the easiest way to start is to invite your friends. For Twitter as a brand or company, try adding users related to your industry or clients.

2) @Replies
Twitter works best when you communicate. Use @username of a person to reply or make comments to their tweets. You can also add more than one @username replies to bring people into the discussion. If many people are tweeting same topic, try replying them all such as @username1 @username2 followed by your comment. When users ask something on twitter, they expect replies. So it is a good ‘Twitter ethics’ to reply to other users.

3) Retweet
Use retweet button (below the tweet) to share tweets by users. For retweeting, instead of just using the retweet button, it is a good idea to use RT @username followed by the tweet and your views on the tweet.

4) Direct Message (DM)
Use direct message to send personal message to your followers. But if you are using Twitter for company, don’t just use direct message for posting your links! It is better to send DM to thank your follower and join the conversation. Also if long links don’t fit under limit of 140 characters, you can use services such as or to shorten your links.

5) Lists
Lists are like public groups. If you follow hundreds or thousands of users, keeping track of all the tweets can be messy. Instead, use Twitter lists to group any Twitter users. You can add yourself to public lists created by other users as well.

Twitter communication is fun for individuals and essential for business when we understand how to use it effectively. Happy Tweeting!

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