Google on Guest Blogging – Stop Waste Blogging!

There is a growing trend to do guest blogging. So much so that it is turning close to using such blogging as article spinning techniques. This hurts websites bad as we have noticed in past through Google Panda as well as Google Penguin. And now Google’s Matt Cutt has also made it clear that they want nothing from such guest blogging – or should we just say waste blogging.

Check the the Video here.

Having said that, as the search engine underlines, and as common sense, it is always good idea to guest post if it is original and adds value to the users. On other hand if you are using guest blogging to promote poor wasted or copied content, it is sooner than later that both the blogger and the blog host will be affected by one of the Google’s algorithm changes.

What are your thoughts on Guest Blogging or the alternatives?

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