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Premature Scaling of Startup

If you are a Startup and wondering why your company has not performed as expected, the premature scaling theory may help you understand it better.

All Startups essentially go through several phases such as Discovery, Validation, Efficiency, Scale, Sustain & Conservation. Premature scaling in terms of business can occur when you jump to a next phase while still in the lower phase. Premature scaling can occur in terms of several dimensions such as:

Customer: spending too much resources on a customer before the product/market fit

Product: building product without validating the problem/solution fit or product/market fit

Human Resource: hiring too many people and a tall organizational structure. (Often a problem when cheap human resource is available)

Financial Resource: raising too much capital than Startup can handle (especially from outside sources)

Business Model: focusing too much on profit maximization without looking at market or environment.

premature scaling infographic

Infographic on Premature Scaling of Startups

See more details as covered by the Startup Genome Research

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Social Media Trend

social media sharing trend
Social Media & Sharing Trend

Social media has been playing a dominant role on the web. The following is a trend of the most popular social media globally. It also presents the comparison of popularity of social media in Nepal, India and USA and globally.

Social Media Global Share Global Growth USA Share India Share Nepal Share
Facebook 41.4% 3% 36.5% 38.7% 63.6%
Email 8.0% -2% 14.5% 6.2% 2.3%
Twitter 9.9% 25% 9.2% 9.8% 7.4%
Facebook Like 7.2% 517% 5.9% 5.6% 7.3%

Taken from the social bookmarking sites such as addthis, what’s interesting in the trend is the gradual decrease in the older sharing method of email and use of new social media such as Facebook, Facebook Like, Twitter and others. Facebook Like is in fact among the most popular way of sharing information on the web right now with up to 517% increase trend.

Another interesting social trend regarding Nepal is the high proportion of information sharing on Facebook compared to other media. While the global social media trend shows increasing portion of Facebook sharing as well, Nepal in fact is well ahead in its way to choosing the right social media.

Interested in building a social media strategy for your brand?

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An Infographic about Infographics

Infographics (or information graphics) are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly.

In general infographics highlight a lot of statistics and research based numbers. Here are some interesting information regarding the infographics explained through an infographic itself.

an infographic of infographics

View the full size infographics in a new window

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Google cannot flag spam links to a website

As much as webmasters want the feature, there is currently no provision by Google to flag spam links to a website. This is because Google doesn’t take into account if it has been been created by the webmaster or not. Although Google claims that their algorithm is good enough such that one competitor cannot hurt another, it poses a serious risk of website being exploited by competitors.

Video: Google explains the linking system

Hopefully Google comes up with a more reasonable flagging system to prevent third party link spamming.

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Facebook reshaping college admissions

With 700 million users worldwide, Facebook is the favorite hangout for the youth. That is why major colleges are increasingly using Facebook as a recruitment tool along with traditional college fairs. Many major colleges and universities of the World have developed even their own social media system (typically including Facebook Pages, Twitter and YouTube) for college recruitment.

Research shows Facebook Profile is increasingly considered a criteria for a candidate. College officers use Facebook as tool to sort the candidates. Many graduate colleges are taking Facebook as recruitment tool into consideration as well. Even professors are increasingly communicating with students on social sites.

Facebook college admissions
Infographics: Facebook is increasingly used as a college recruitment tool

While this is the case with US or developed countries as well as some of the top Indian colleges, Nepali universities or colleges are however yet to tap onto the power and use of social sites.

Contact for building successful brands on social media such as Facebook.

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LinkedIn users mostly Internet Explorer users

While most users are prefer new browsers such as Firefox and Chrome (see global browser usage statistics), users of LinkedIn seem to be stuck with Internet Explorer as the browser of their choice.

I used Google URL shortener service for my last post on Twitter tips and submitted to some of my LinkedIn groups related to marketing. The result was surprising.

Link submitted to LinkedIn Groups

Clicks on the LinkedIn link

For the 203 clicks that I got in 4 days, 193 users were using Internet Explorer (IE) as their browser. Which is over 95%. The rest (less than 5%) were from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others combined. Also surprisingly, it is mostly users from USA that were using Internet Explorer. (I have shared only the top 5 countries here).

LinkedIn visitor profile

As a conclusion I guess LinkedIn could notify their users to try other browsers as well! And how about other browsers do some advertising on LinkedIn? Or as an online marketer, the good thing is you now know that you are mostly dealing with IE users on LinkedIn.

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5 tips on using Twitter for effective communication

Twitter is a great marketing tool that can be used to full potential when we use it as a communication tool instead of just for status update (tweet). Here are 5 tips to start using Twitter effectively for communication.

Twitter Communication Tips
How Coca Cola uses Twitter communication effectively to reach out to its users

1) Follow
To start Twitter communication, it is best to follow users that interest you or your brand. Also, more people you follow, more you are likely to get followed back. But there is no right follow to follower ratio – if you are a good communicator or are a celebrity or have good things to say, more people are likely to follow you. Follow users gradually than all at once for best results. For individual Twitter account, the easiest way to start is to invite your friends. For Twitter as a brand or company, try adding users related to your industry or clients.

2) @Replies
Twitter works best when you communicate. Use @username of a person to reply or make comments to their tweets. You can also add more than one @username replies to bring people into the discussion. If many people are tweeting same topic, try replying them all such as @username1 @username2 followed by your comment. When users ask something on twitter, they expect replies. So it is a good ‘Twitter ethics’ to reply to other users.

3) Retweet
Use retweet button (below the tweet) to share tweets by users. For retweeting, instead of just using the retweet button, it is a good idea to use RT @username followed by the tweet and your views on the tweet.

4) Direct Message (DM)
Use direct message to send personal message to your followers. But if you are using Twitter for company, don’t just use direct message for posting your links! It is better to send DM to thank your follower and join the conversation. Also if long links don’t fit under limit of 140 characters, you can use services such as or to shorten your links.

5) Lists
Lists are like public groups. If you follow hundreds or thousands of users, keeping track of all the tweets can be messy. Instead, use Twitter lists to group any Twitter users. You can add yourself to public lists created by other users as well.

Twitter communication is fun for individuals and essential for business when we understand how to use it effectively. Happy Tweeting!

You can follow me @nepalsites

More on Online Brand Management including Facebook and Twitter.

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Facebook users in Nepal

Facebook is the most powerful social application till date. Their statistics are simply amazing! Even Nepal has a growing number of users Facebook.

The number of Facebook users in Nepal as of February 2011 is 881,160. Nepal ranks as the 75th country based on number of Facebook users. USA leads the way with over 150 million out of the whopping 500+ million Facebook users globally. Even India has over 22 million Facebook users.

The comparatively lower number of Nepalese on Facebook is because the total number of internet users is low. According to Internet World Stats, there are only 625,800 internet users in Nepal by 2010. Though this number probably doesn’t take into account of Nepalese abroad, who are the main avid Facebook users as well.

Facebook Map

Global Distribution of Facebook. 500+ million users and counting.

Top users of Facebook

USA has most Facebook users in the World. Recently, users have sharply increased from Asian and African countries as well.

Facebook Map of Nepal

Asian countries Indonesia, Philippines and India are among the top 10 list of Facebook users.

Facebook users in Nepal

The huge popularity of Facebook in Nepal ranks it in 75. Among the users, most people (over 75%) are youths of age 18-34. No doubt companies and brands are now targeting Facebook as one of the internet advertising choice due to it growing popularity and direct engagement.

More Facebook stats at Social Bakers

Update: Facebook users in Nepal reached 1 million around June 2011. As of November 2011, the number of users of Facebook in Nepal has exceeded 1,300,000.

Update 2: Facebook and social media have taken off big time in Nepal. As of October 2015, the number of Facebook users in Nepal is over 5 million (50 lakhs). Even Facebook company and founder Mark Zuckerberg himself has shown fair amount of interest in Nepal, especially in the aftermath of Nepal earthquake.

Update 3: While working for a client project, I have come up with some data on Facebook users in Nepal by geographic zones. Facebook (advertising) still groups based on the 14 zones of Nepal. As expected, Bagmati, which includes Kathmandu has most number of Facebook users. But just how much gap there is in the internet penetration (or Facebook usage) in the different zones of Nepal was an interesting insight for me. Hope this is useful for others too.

Bagmati leads with close to 70% of Facebook users in Nepal. This was followed by Gandaki and Narayani zones with around 9% and 7% Facebook users. Here is the current rank of the 14 zones by the number of Facebook users in Nepal.

  1. Bagmati
  2. Gandaki
  3. Narayani
  4. Lumbini
  5. Kosi
  6. Bheri
  7. Mechi
  8. Seti
  9. Dhawalagiri
  10. Rapti
  11. Janakpur
  12. Sagarmatha
  13. Mahakali
  14. Karnali
Facebook users in Nepal - all zones

Facebook users in Nepal – all zones

This just goes on to show how little internet or Facebook reaches to regions outside selected cities and zones in Nepal. This despite that fact that voice telephony in Nepal has actually reached over 100% of country population as of 2015 (Ref. NTA MIS Reports). And internet users in Nepal almost exclusively means mobile internet users (over 95%). Hopefully these kind of insights would push the telecom companies such as NTC, Ncell or the government to invest for a better coverage in all regions of Nepal. Or even open up for disruption in the underdeveloped zones for global companies such as Facebook and Google.

Methodology Notes: Tools used Facebook Advertising and Power editor. %rounded off for convenience. Facebook Reach taken as reference. Reach sample size over 50,000.


Interested in marketing through Facebook?

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