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LinkedIn in Nepal

LinkedIn is a popular social network with about 200 million users and mainly used as a professional network. LinkedIn can be used by users and companies to create online profile, manage contacts and interact with their connections or groups. LinkedIn has recently also become a good source for business news and views.

As of November 2012, Nepal has over 140,000 users in LinkedIn . (Source: Socialbakers + Google).

One thing often misused in LinkedIn is the use of personal profile for company profile, which is separate. Companies should fill up profile as a company in LinkedIn ( Sending connection request as a company is not professional – sending as company member could be fine. I am friend with XYZ company doesn’t make much sense to me. You can follow a company you want though.

Some other segments that you can explore in LinkedIn:

Posting jobs in LinkedIn starts at $195 and is basically useless for most companies in Nepal as of now. I’ve seen some companies here do Linkedin advertising but no direct job posting.

One of the widely used segment in LinkedIn by Nepali is the Groups. There are some popular groups such as Nepal Development Forum and Nepali Professionals Living in Nepal and Abroad

LinkedIn Group Nepal Development Forum

LinkedIn Answers has a good collection of business Q&A that may be related to the field of your work. Help others and help yourself.

LinkedIn News is a good source for business or other news that you choose to subscribe from. Not much to choose from Nepali news source yet though.

LinkedIn allows adding useful applications to your profile such as blog, presentations, reading list and polls.

Go on, explore LinkedIn and grow your network. You can also add me to LinkedIn if you want to.

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World of Social Media (Video)

Here is an interesting video on YouTube that shows the boom in social media in 2011. As we approach 2012, the social media are likely to grow even more rapidly, including the mobile social media.

Some staggering data regarding social media engagement are:

  • Facebook is the most visited website in the world
  • 11% of the world population use Facebook
  • There are more Facebook users than vehicles in the world!
  • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month
  • There are about 150,000,000 tweets in Twitter each day
  • Average tweet is only 40 characters long
  • 35 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute
  • 3500 photos uploaded every second on Flickr
  • Every executive of fortune 500 company is listed on LinkedIn
  • 60% admit they are using mobile devices even in bathroom!
  • Women are more active than men on social media
Social media is not an advantage for business. It is a basic necessity.

Start using today.

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LinkedIn users mostly Internet Explorer users

While most users are prefer new browsers such as Firefox and Chrome (see global browser usage statistics), users of LinkedIn seem to be stuck with Internet Explorer as the browser of their choice.

I used Google URL shortener service for my last post on Twitter tips and submitted to some of my LinkedIn groups related to marketing. The result was surprising.

Link submitted to LinkedIn Groups

Clicks on the LinkedIn link

For the 203 clicks that I got in 4 days, 193 users were using Internet Explorer (IE) as their browser. Which is over 95%. The rest (less than 5%) were from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others combined. Also surprisingly, it is mostly users from USA that were using Internet Explorer. (I have shared only the top 5 countries here).

LinkedIn visitor profile

As a conclusion I guess LinkedIn could notify their users to try other browsers as well! And how about other browsers do some advertising on LinkedIn? Or as an online marketer, the good thing is you now know that you are mostly dealing with IE users on LinkedIn.

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