3 Great Ways to Use Timeline Cover for Facebook Pages

New Facebook Timeline for Pages allow brands plenty of space (851px x 315px) to highlight interesting features. Here are 3 great ways Facebook Timeline Cover are used by Companies and Brands on Facebook Pages.

1) Highlight People

What’s better than highlighting people? Many companies are using Facebook Cover on their Facebook Pages to highlight their human resources. Such as

New York Times
New York Times Facebook Cover
NYTimes has used Facebook timeline to highlight its people very well – world’s best journalists.

Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Facebook Cover
Dr Pepper’s Facebook Timeline Cover is creatively made with small avatars of people which looks really neat if you take a closer look. Also has the soft drink popping out from the profile picture itself. Creative indeed – but who the people in the avatars are is not clear.

2) Highlight User Testimonials

Facebook Timeline Cover doesn’t allow direct promotion of products. But testimonial by customers? That should be just fine. And it can be updated easily too.

htc Facebook Page Cover
HTC used client as testimonial – and an amazing one too – freefall fashion photographer on air – with signature. Quietly Brilliant!

Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts Facebook Cover
Dunkin’ Donuts highlights its weekly fans. Thus it is updating Facebook cover every week as well as showing real customers.

3) Highlight Vision / Strength

Since the Facebook Cover is such a big part of the brand’s Facebook pages, it is best place to start showing what your brand is about.

CloudFactory Facebook Cover
For a startup using crowdsourcing to develop the livelihood of people in developing nations, CloudFactory has used childish art very well on its Facebook Timeline Cover.

Facebook Cover for Ncell
Ncell doesn’t mention its name on Facebook Cover but simply tells what it does – connect within Nepal.

Bing Facebook Page Timeline Cover
Bing does well to not only show that it is a search engine, but also add interesting photos as background images. Updated daily to reflect their main site. You could visit it just to see the images! Google’s Facebook cover is comparatively dull.

How does your brand use the Timeline Cover in Facebook Page?


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