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Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal

Here is a post specifically for Twitter users in Nepal. As Twitter continues to gain popularity and new users join this social media platform, it starts with how to use it and whom to follow. Below is a result of little ‘experiment’ I did with some Twitter Tools in order to get popular Twitter accounts in Nepal which might be worth following if you are new to Twitter.

Popular Twitter users in Nepal

What is this?

This is a list of popular Twitter user accounts from Nepal.

How is the sample (the users) chosen?

Though popularity is subjective, I have tired to select users based on following:

  • Followers higher than 1000. Just to keep user number limited – else the list would be very long. Doesn’t mean less than 1000 users are less popular though!
  • Active Twitter account. At least something tweeted this month.
  • Followers/friend ratio equals or higher than 1. Following hundreds of thousands could get you more followers but doesn’t make much sense to me.
  • User is a Nepali, or expats in Nepal who tweets about Nepal too, or Nepali living abroad. Just trying to limit for Nepal here. Surely can be applicable elsewhere as well.
  • The users are chosen from my Nepali Twitter list here, here and here – altogether about 1200 users so far.
  • (Note: Many accounts are news sites rather than users as well which are included as they are useful anyway. Some others may not Tweet much about Nepal but are included as they are from Nepal. Some commercial organizational Twitter accounts and over automated users have been avoided from the list for the sake of unadulterated community. Again these are bit subjective and you can come up with your own list too!)

Tools Used

  • Mostly SocialBro extension for Chrome.
  • Some Excel work as Twitter API is kinda limited these days.
  • to create Twitter cloud image above.
  • Good ole’ Google.
  • Some secret sauce!

How is it useful anyway?

  • Hope you can find interesting people on the list.
  • There are some news site Twitter accounts as well. So might be useful to keep up to date with news?
  • I am also hopeful that this list can be used as user suggestion tool when somebody first registers a Twitter account. Since Twitter primarily selects users based on popularity, having some Nepali people when someone first registers is a good idea. Otherwise new users will be suggested to follow international celebrities only. You too can help suggest who to follow (and also in Twitter Translation) here at

Here is a List of Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal (in random order)

Twitter Handle URL

I have now made the popular Twitter accounts from Nepal a public list here.!/nepalsites/over-1000-followers-nepal You may follow any users that interest you or subscribe to the list.

Like/Dislike the list or got suggestions? Do share!


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Infographics: 60 seconds in Social Media

60 seconds may not be enough even to enjoy a cup of coffee for a person in real world, but that is a lot of time in the social media world.

Consider this for what happens every minute (60 seconds) in the social networking sites:
Facebook: 700K messages sent
YouTube: 2 million videos viewed
Twitter: 175K tweets
LinkedIn: 7K searches
Pinterest: 1K visitors

Infographics - 60 seconds in social media

Still think your business can afford to miss the social media?

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World of Social Media (Video)

Here is an interesting video on YouTube that shows the boom in social media in 2011. As we approach 2012, the social media are likely to grow even more rapidly, including the mobile social media.

Some staggering data regarding social media engagement are:

  • Facebook is the most visited website in the world
  • 11% of the world population use Facebook
  • There are more Facebook users than vehicles in the world!
  • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month
  • There are about 150,000,000 tweets in Twitter each day
  • Average tweet is only 40 characters long
  • 35 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute
  • 3500 photos uploaded every second on Flickr
  • Every executive of fortune 500 company is listed on LinkedIn
  • 60% admit they are using mobile devices even in bathroom!
  • Women are more active than men on social media
Social media is not an advantage for business. It is a basic necessity.

Start using today.

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Social Media Basics

What about Social Media?

Social Media is the electronic technology that foster interactive communication. Essentially, social media is any internet or mobile applications that allow creation and exchange of user-generated content.
social media
Earlier forms of media were one way only that allowed companies to tell their views or information and wait for users to respond. Now, with what is called as web 2.0, it has become possible for anybody to talk, share information or content such as image or video, or network using the internet. These are the social media tools of the modern age. Some of powerful and popular social media where users can participate in generating ideas and content are Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr, Delicious among others.

While it was possible for companies and brands to get away with having just a website 10 years back, this is not the case now with all users using social media. If you are not there, your competitor will be. So the best is to start using some of the social media basics yourself first.


Blog is the initial form of social media which allows updating regular information/content where users can participate through comments or feedback. Having a blog is one of the best way online to letting know that your company is alive. There are free blogging platforms available such as or to get started with. However customization works best for company blogs. Companies such as Starbucks have used a different approach to user engagement through their blog, whereas companies such as General Electric (GE) or Southwest Airlines have successfully taken the traditional role of brand awareness through their blogs. There isn’t much corporate blogging culture in Nepal, though some organizations post regular updates through blogs. Personal blogs on the other hand have grown substantially in Nepal, including ones like mysansar or others that blog to monetize.


Forums are good place to allow targeted users to communicate. You can find forums on endless topics ranging from travel to sports or movies to politics to technology. Or very specific forums such as macro photography or ice-cream or Ferrari. While maintaining forums, it is important to foster discussions in the appropriate topics.


Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful social media. Whatever your business, Facebook is a great way to reach out to the users. Facebook currently has 800 million users worldwide. To start with Facebook, create a Facebook Page for your brand or company. Once you create a page, complete the basics (such as uploading a profile picture and filling the information) and add contacts. Users can then become a fan of your Facebook page and interact on it. Popular Facebook pages such as that of Coca-Cola have millions of fans interacting everyday in it. Even local Nepali companies such as Ncell or AceTravel have used it to good effect along with Facebook pages for social causes, such as NepalUnites. Facebook advertising on the other hand is a quick way to reach to more uses.


Twitter is another social media that allows only 140 characters of public messaging service. Twitter has been used for many purpose such as interacting real-time with customers, feedback system, contests, organizing events or just updating with news. You can reply real-time in twitter privately or publicly. Using hastag(#) is a good way to start discussion in certain topic, such as #elections2011 or #twitter. Companies such as Best Buy have effectively used twitter through @twelpforce for real-time customer service. Even local Nepali organizations have used it well, such as @ibloodnepal and @tfcnepal for social causes.


LinkedIn is a social media for professional networking. It can be used as a personal resume on the internet or by companies to find employees. This business related social media can be used to foster interaction through LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Answers or through job openings. It is very powerful in the sense that you get direct leads for your business. Again, advertising is an option to reach to potential users.


YouTube is the most powerful social media for videos sharing. It is one of the most viral tools that spreads lot of buzz online as well as offline. Not only is it powerful for musicians or movie makers, this is equally useful for companies of all sizes. Consider the Old Spice Campaigns made totally on YouTube or the wacky Annoying Oranges. In Nepal too users such as lexlimbu have used YouTube to good effect.

These are only few of the popular social media. Each organization or brands have specific requirements and needs to select the social media accordingly. Also there are bookmark tools such as addthis or shrethis that allow users to share contents.

It is also important to understand that it is best to maintain only those social media that one can manage in the long run. Because not managing social media is worse than not having social media. In case your social media strategy backfires, you have to be ready for that too.

Need to know more? Glad to help.

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Twitter Activity Response

Twitter recently introduced the “Twitter Activity” tab and the users are not so excited about it. Most hate it really and I don’t like it either. It looks like the copy of infamous Facebook activity and raises privacy issues. Initial response suggests fewer than 10% users who like the new feature. Few others are neutral to it. Most users just dislike the new Twitter Activity change.

You can see the responses to the new Twitter Activity here.

What do you think of the new Activity feature on Twitter? Do you like it or dislike it?

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Social Media Trend

social media sharing trend
Social Media & Sharing Trend

Social media has been playing a dominant role on the web. The following is a trend of the most popular social media globally. It also presents the comparison of popularity of social media in Nepal, India and USA and globally.

Social Media Global Share Global Growth USA Share India Share Nepal Share
Facebook 41.4% 3% 36.5% 38.7% 63.6%
Email 8.0% -2% 14.5% 6.2% 2.3%
Twitter 9.9% 25% 9.2% 9.8% 7.4%
Facebook Like 7.2% 517% 5.9% 5.6% 7.3%

Taken from the social bookmarking sites such as addthis, what’s interesting in the trend is the gradual decrease in the older sharing method of email and use of new social media such as Facebook, Facebook Like, Twitter and others. Facebook Like is in fact among the most popular way of sharing information on the web right now with up to 517% increase trend.

Another interesting social trend regarding Nepal is the high proportion of information sharing on Facebook compared to other media. While the global social media trend shows increasing portion of Facebook sharing as well, Nepal in fact is well ahead in its way to choosing the right social media.

Interested in building a social media strategy for your brand?

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5 tips on using Twitter for effective communication

Twitter is a great marketing tool that can be used to full potential when we use it as a communication tool instead of just for status update (tweet). Here are 5 tips to start using Twitter effectively for communication.

Twitter Communication Tips
How Coca Cola uses Twitter communication effectively to reach out to its users

1) Follow
To start Twitter communication, it is best to follow users that interest you or your brand. Also, more people you follow, more you are likely to get followed back. But there is no right follow to follower ratio – if you are a good communicator or are a celebrity or have good things to say, more people are likely to follow you. Follow users gradually than all at once for best results. For individual Twitter account, the easiest way to start is to invite your friends. For Twitter as a brand or company, try adding users related to your industry or clients.

2) @Replies
Twitter works best when you communicate. Use @username of a person to reply or make comments to their tweets. You can also add more than one @username replies to bring people into the discussion. If many people are tweeting same topic, try replying them all such as @username1 @username2 followed by your comment. When users ask something on twitter, they expect replies. So it is a good ‘Twitter ethics’ to reply to other users.

3) Retweet
Use retweet button (below the tweet) to share tweets by users. For retweeting, instead of just using the retweet button, it is a good idea to use RT @username followed by the tweet and your views on the tweet.

4) Direct Message (DM)
Use direct message to send personal message to your followers. But if you are using Twitter for company, don’t just use direct message for posting your links! It is better to send DM to thank your follower and join the conversation. Also if long links don’t fit under limit of 140 characters, you can use services such as or to shorten your links.

5) Lists
Lists are like public groups. If you follow hundreds or thousands of users, keeping track of all the tweets can be messy. Instead, use Twitter lists to group any Twitter users. You can add yourself to public lists created by other users as well.

Twitter communication is fun for individuals and essential for business when we understand how to use it effectively. Happy Tweeting!

You can follow me @nepalsites

More on Online Brand Management including Facebook and Twitter.

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