Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal

Here is a post specifically for Twitter users in Nepal. As Twitter continues to gain popularity and new users join this social media platform, it starts with how to use it and whom to follow. Below is a result of little ‘experiment’ I did with some Twitter Tools in order to get popular Twitter accounts in Nepal which might be worth following if you are new to Twitter.

Popular Twitter users in Nepal

What is this?

This is a list of popular Twitter user accounts from Nepal.

How are the Twitter users chosen?

Though popularity is subjective, I have tired to select users based on following:

  • Followers higher than 1000. Just to keep user number limited – else the list would be very long. Doesn’t mean less than 1000 users are less popular though!
  • Active Twitter account. At least something tweeted this month.
  • Followers/friend ratio equals or higher than 1. Following hundreds of thousands could get you more followers but doesn’t make much sense to me.
  • User is a Nepali, or expats in Nepal who tweets about Nepal too, or Nepali living abroad. Just trying to limit for Nepal here. Surely can be applicable elsewhere as well.
  • The users are chosen from my Twitter list from Nepal here
  • (Note: Many accounts are news sites rather than users as well which are included as they are useful anyway. Some others may not Tweet much about Nepal but are included as they are from Nepal. Some commercial organizational Twitter accounts and over automated users have been avoided from the list for the sake of unadulterated community. Again these are bit subjective and you can come up with your own list too!)

Tools Used

  • Mostly SocialBro extension for Chrome.
  • Some Excel work as Twitter API is kinda limited these days.
  • Wordle.net to create Twitter cloud image above.
  • Good ole’ Google.
  • Some secret sauce!

How is it useful anyway?

  • Hope you can find interesting people on the list.
  • There are some news site Twitter accounts as well. So might be useful to keep up to date with news?
  • I am also hopeful that this list can be used as user suggestion tool when somebody first registers a Twitter account. Since Twitter primarily selects users based on popularity, having some Nepali people when someone first registers is a good idea. Otherwise new users will be suggested to follow international celebrities only. You too can help suggest who to follow (and also in Twitter Translation) here at http://translate.twttr.com/suggested_candidates

Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal (in random order)

Twitter Handle URL
@ekantipur_com http://twitter.com/ekantipur_com
@Roopess http://twitter.com/Roopess
@dhakalsaurav http://twitter.com/dhakalsaurav
@smadixit http://twitter.com/smadixit
@sudhasubedi http://twitter.com/sudhasubedi
@kashishds http://twitter.com/kashishds
@Ekendra http://twitter.com/Ekendra
@GangaBc http://twitter.com/GangaBc
@SomeshVerma http://twitter.com/SomeshVerma
@AnantaBrt http://twitter.com/AnantaBrt
@abhabhattarai http://twitter.com/abhabhattarai
@sabeenakarki http://twitter.com/sabeenakarki
@akhileshU http://twitter.com/akhileshU
@prashant_sh http://twitter.com/prashant_sh
@limshaku http://twitter.com/limshaku
@meroreport http://twitter.com/meroreport
@meaastha http://twitter.com/meaastha
@akhanal http://twitter.com/akhanal
@prabhasp http://twitter.com/prabhasp
@ParakramRana http://twitter.com/ParakramRana
@KakaBaa http://twitter.com/KakaBaa
@phalano http://twitter.com/phalano
@prashantktm http://twitter.com/prashantktm
@KanakManiDixit http://twitter.com/KanakManiDixit
@narayanwagle http://twitter.com/narayanwagle
@FunnyGooner http://twitter.com/FunnyGooner
@TamangPhan http://twitter.com/TamangPhan
@prabalgurung http://twitter.com/prabalgurung
@shailesh http://twitter.com/shailesh
@pokharelketi http://twitter.com/pokharelketi
@indradhoj http://twitter.com/indradhoj
@knchn19 http://twitter.com/knchn19
@svbel http://twitter.com/svbel
@strophicus http://twitter.com/strophicus
@BBCSajhaSawal http://twitter.com/BBCSajhaSawal
@nepalitimes http://twitter.com/nepalitimes
@UN_Nepal http://twitter.com/UN_Nepal
@mkoirala http://twitter.com/mkoirala
@kishorenepal http://twitter.com/kishorenepal
@TASIBO http://twitter.com/TASIBO
@lendaai http://twitter.com/lendaai
@NRaule http://twitter.com/NRaule
@rajballav http://twitter.com/rajballav
@NepalYouthFound http://twitter.com/NepalYouthFound
@robpenner http://twitter.com/robpenner
@Ujyaalo http://twitter.com/Ujyaalo
@newsmandu http://twitter.com/newsmandu
@nabinkbhattarai http://twitter.com/nabinkbhattarai
@gunaraj http://twitter.com/gunaraj
@amritna http://twitter.com/amritna
@buddhisagar http://twitter.com/buddhisagar
@BreakingNewsNEP http://twitter.com/BreakingNewsNEP
@PallaviDhakal http://twitter.com/PallaviDhakal
@acharyapawan http://twitter.com/acharyapawan
@binitadahal http://twitter.com/binitadahal
@prateeish http://twitter.com/prateeish
@BishalGautam http://twitter.com/BishalGautam
@thapagk http://twitter.com/thapagk
@NrnShrestha http://twitter.com/NrnShrestha
@krips16 http://twitter.com/krips16
@lexlimbu http://twitter.com/lexlimbu
@impuzaa http://twitter.com/impuzaa
@kundadixit http://twitter.com/kundadixit
@tfcNepal http://twitter.com/tfcNepal
@tajim http://twitter.com/tajim
@sushmite http://twitter.com/sushmite
@apsster http://twitter.com/apsster
@poozaaree http://twitter.com/poozaaree
@sudheerktm http://twitter.com/sudheerktm
@acharya14 http://twitter.com/acharya14
@iShzz http://twitter.com/iShzz
@hellomuku http://twitter.com/hellomuku
@GoGoze http://twitter.com/GoGoze
@nilambar http://twitter.com/nilambar
@sitamademba http://twitter.com/sitamademba
@salokya http://twitter.com/salokya
@friendycalls http://twitter.com/friendycalls
@dipakbhattarai http://twitter.com/dipakbhattarai
@AnandNepal http://twitter.com/AnandNepal
@RajneeshB http://twitter.com/RajneeshB
@chapagain http://twitter.com/chapagain
@manjushreethapa http://twitter.com/manjushreethapa
@prerana123 http://twitter.com/prerana123
@UjjwalAcharya http://twitter.com/UjjwalAcharya
@ushaft http://twitter.com/ushaft
@nepalsites http://twitter.com/nepalsites
@csapkota http://twitter.com/csapkota
@AnupKaphle http://twitter.com/AnupKaphle
@DeepakAdk http://twitter.com/DeepakAdk
@lkafle http://twitter.com/lkafle
@aakarpost http://twitter.com/aakarpost
@bhu1st http://twitter.com/bhu1st
@chandangoopta http://twitter.com/chandangoopta
@cricketbirat http://twitter.com/cricketbirat
@brazeshk http://twitter.com/brazeshk
@meroreport http://twitter.com/meroreport
@johnparajuli http://twitter.com/johnparajuli
@jwalanta http://twitter.com/jwalanta
@prateekpradhan http://twitter.com/prateekpradhan
@priteejoshi http://twitter.com/priteejoshi
@SauravRimal http://twitter.com/SauravRimal

Got suggestions? Add to comments below.


13 responses to “Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal”

  1. again we may need this kind of survey

    1. Agree. This survey seems from Dinosaur Era. We have made huge growth in Twitter usage thanks to local media coverages, ease of local language and Twitter trends that made global headlines. If possible, I would love to make these posts open source so everyone can contribute..

  2. Vishnu Pyakurel

    still Nepal not listed

  3. great job, plz help us reach global map

  4. Lava Kafle

    wow great

  5. @aawartan

    Is there a way/script that users could use to follow all these in one go?

    1. Not aware right now. In general one shouldn’t mass follow/unfollow and Twitter doesn’t allow that either. I’ve made the list of popular public so that you can follow at your will.

  6. thank you roshan 🙂

    1. Welcome Asmita 🙂

  7. thanks much woow love it to be listed thanks for this comprehensive list @lkafle

  8. Why is my name not here? :-/

    1. I missed your name on my list. Bad me! You’re there now. Thanks Rubina!

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