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Nepali Colleges, Universities and Government Offices Sell Viagra & Sex Drugs!

I hope that the educational institutes such as schools, colleges or universities of Nepal (or anywhere as a matter of fact) are into education rather than selling sex drugs. Similarly government offices do their assigned jobs than selling Viagra. The point I am raising here is how vulnerable the educational, government websites in Nepal are and web security in general.

Let’s do a quick search on Google for Viagra (apparently a sexual wonder drug!) within the educational websites in Nepal, which have the names followed by We can do this using [search term] + the ‘site:’ operator + the URL or domain. For educational sites, this would be

The search for Viagra in educational website resulted in over 1700 results! I won’t link such sites direct here but present a screenshot. You can do the search yourself too using the search above.

Educational sites in Nepal Hacked

From Kathmandu University to American Language Center – and several schools, colleges universities websites are infected.

Similarly doing a search for Government sites of Nepal shows plenty of infected websites too.

hacked government sites Nepal


Finally doing a search for a site showed over 178,000 infected web-pages. I would just share screenshot here as well.

hacked business sites Nepal viagra


Why do educational websites get exploited so much?

The easy explanation is that weak security in websites (especially quick cheap ones) allow easy access to external attackers. Another reason might also be related to a different reason called SEO (search engine optimization), which is about how Google ranks a website when somebody makes a search for a particular term. It is a common but somewhat mistaken assumption that links from educational or government site provides better ranks in search results. So the practice of inserting codes to ‘bad’ sites in educational or government or any other site with old software is a notorious practice that has been going on for a long time. Some sites may also redirect to potentially bad sites when clicked on search results rather than going to the actual result displayed.

What can be done to prevent such attacks?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% secured and even biggest websites get hacked. If we do a similar search for overall educational or government sites around the world, the situation is no better. I wouldn’t be surprised if my own site gets hacked someday. But having said that it is upto the website owner or team to ensure that the site is safe for its visitors.

In general, it is a good practice to:

  • Keep the content management system (CMS) or software up-to date on the server and on own computers
  • Use antivirus
  • Not use easy to guess passwords
  • Choose a more secured hosting
  • Backup data regularly
  • Check own site on Google using the ‘site:’ operator. For example viagra or viagra
  • Never open suspicious files attachments or websites
  • Report websites that are infected to the website owner

Here are some additional references on better web security (don’t worry! these are trustworthy sites and open in new window.)


Suggestions are welcome!


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Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal

Here is a post specifically for Twitter users in Nepal. As Twitter continues to gain popularity and new users join this social media platform, it starts with how to use it and whom to follow. Below is a result of little ‘experiment’ I did with some Twitter Tools in order to get popular Twitter accounts in Nepal which might be worth following if you are new to Twitter.

Popular Twitter users in Nepal

What is this?

This is a list of popular Twitter user accounts from Nepal.

How is the sample (the users) chosen?

Though popularity is subjective, I have tired to select users based on following:

  • Followers higher than 1000. Just to keep user number limited – else the list would be very long. Doesn’t mean less than 1000 users are less popular though!
  • Active Twitter account. At least something tweeted this month.
  • Followers/friend ratio equals or higher than 1. Following hundreds of thousands could get you more followers but doesn’t make much sense to me.
  • User is a Nepali, or expats in Nepal who tweets about Nepal too, or Nepali living abroad. Just trying to limit for Nepal here. Surely can be applicable elsewhere as well.
  • The users are chosen from my Nepali Twitter list here, here and here – altogether about 1200 users so far.
  • (Note: Many accounts are news sites rather than users as well which are included as they are useful anyway. Some others may not Tweet much about Nepal but are included as they are from Nepal. Some commercial organizational Twitter accounts and over automated users have been avoided from the list for the sake of unadulterated community. Again these are bit subjective and you can come up with your own list too!)

Tools Used

  • Mostly SocialBro extension for Chrome.
  • Some Excel work as Twitter API is kinda limited these days.
  • to create Twitter cloud image above.
  • Good ole’ Google.
  • Some secret sauce!

How is it useful anyway?

  • Hope you can find interesting people on the list.
  • There are some news site Twitter accounts as well. So might be useful to keep up to date with news?
  • I am also hopeful that this list can be used as user suggestion tool when somebody first registers a Twitter account. Since Twitter primarily selects users based on popularity, having some Nepali people when someone first registers is a good idea. Otherwise new users will be suggested to follow international celebrities only. You too can help suggest who to follow (and also in Twitter Translation) here at

Here is a List of Popular Twitter Accounts in Nepal (in random order)

Twitter Handle URL

I have now made the popular Twitter accounts from Nepal a public list here.!/nepalsites/over-1000-followers-nepal You may follow any users that interest you or subscribe to the list.

Like/Dislike the list or got suggestions? Do share!


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Facebook PPC Ad Intelligence Tool by SEMrush

SEMrush provides knowledge and research tools for search and marketing professionals. I talked about SEMrush keywords  Google AdWords Analytics tool a while back. Now SEMrush is coming up with something exciting for Facebook advertisers as well – Facebook Pay Per Click Intelligence Tool. Here is a walkthrough on what the tool is going to be like:

Once you login to SEMrush, you can see the Facebook navigation on the Dashboard. This contains three submenus – namely Ads by domain, Ads by keyword and TOP Ads. Let us see more of each. I shall mostly use Nepali Facebook Ad examples for this purpose – but this is applicable for any country or globally as well.

Ads by Domain

Here you can search Facebook ads by the domain name (advertised website). So if you are a travel company and want to know how much ad AceTravels is doing, you can type their domain name and see the results. You can see Total Ad Impressions as well as unique impressions for the week, month or three months. Here is a screenshot.

AceTravels Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads by Domain

Seems that AceTravels targets only Nepal and hence GEO targeting shows insufficient data. So let’s check another travel site, that of Explore Himalaya using their domain

Explore Himalaya Facebook ads

Explore Himalaya Facebook Ad

You can also click on the single ad to see the details such as first and last seen dates on Facebook.

Facebook ad details

Details for a Facebook Advertisement by LonelyPlanet

Here we see that the ad is targeted mostly on selected countries and there are 3 versions of Ads. The impression chart shows ad impressions across various months. We can also see the impressions for each ads and which ones are performing better. Thus it can be a useful tool to improve your ads as well. Similarly, the ad landings show the major pages that the website is targeting through those ads.

Facebook ads Landing Page

Facebook Ad Landings checks important website pages from competitors

Features that I found need improvements in this section are:

  • The days seen for ads are kind of inaccurate and doesn’t make much sense as it is.
  • Many companies advertise for their Facebook Page itself. There doesn’t appear to be way to check the ads in that case.
  • Data for ads targeted for single geographic region such as Nepal seems inaccurate of non-available in many cases.

We can use a side-by-side comparison like this give good insights on Facebook advertising pattern by competitors.


Ads by Keywords

Ads by keywords shows the popular ads with the keywords within the ad Headline or Text. Since Facebook Ads are segmented based on interests rather than keywords, the search by keywords works different than the PPC in Google AdWords. This can however be used to find the competing ads by finding Ads by Keywords. Again, let’s consider the travel industry and use “travel Nepal” as a keyword. This gives an idea on comparison of the ads and ad impressions.

Facebook ads by Keywords

Facebook ads by Keywords

Features that I found need improvements in this section are:

  • Ads by Keywords option seems less logical as the ads in Facebook are not segmented based on Keywords.
  • The monthly / 3 monthly ad impression numbers (average unique hits) seem to be broken as seen on the screenshot



This gives the overall list of top ads and advertisers on Facebook. What is more impressive is this also give option to dig deeper to find the list of top Ads and Advertisers on Facebook based on country and for a given time frame (weekly, monthly or 3 months).

Facebook Top ads

Top Facebook ads and advertisers worldwide

Top ads and advertisers from Nepal in Facebook]

Top Nepali ads and advertisers on Facebook

Here I show the weekly top Facebook ads in Nepal (most displayed Facebook advertisement in Nepal) as well as the monthly top Nepali advertisers on Facebook, along with the total number of impressions they had. Seems like colleges in Nepal and for Nepalis are having a blast at Facebook Ads!

Features that I found need improvements in this section are:

  • Advertiser name alongside the top ads would be better


Overall improvements that I wish for:

  • Some way to put the monetary value estimation for the ad into the insights as in Google PPC.
  • The country selection in the search box is confusing and seems unnecessary for Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Pay Per Click Intelligence Tool would be very useful for existing advertisers as well as business looking to start advertising regarding how others are using it and how to get the most of Facebook Ads. A must for PPC professionals – or even upgrade to paid account to start taking the maximum benefits.


Need help with PPC campaigns? Contact.

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Top 5 Secrets for Online Business through SmartPhones

The following is a Guest Post.

Doing business these days requires more than just creativity and originality. Back in the 1990s, a unique idea and strong aggressive spirit are all you need for your business to thrive. Things are now different. You need to be technically updated.

The Smartphone is a very useful piece of technology. People use it heavily for media. But many do not realize these gadgets can be very useful for business purposes as well.  This article introduces some of the best business-friendly applications available for Smartphone.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you will never be missing any of your appointments and meetings. These are not your ordinary phone calendars where you can place events and select alarms. This is an application that synchs with all the necessary things that you ought to know about your week ahead. This will note down everything from your grandmother’s birthday to your boss’ upcoming party. It synchs your social sphere with your business sphere so that you can plan on both areas without having to give up one for the other.


LinkedIn is a large network that allows people to create their professional profile online. It is a way to share personal and business contact details among people in a network like those who went to the same university.

There is nothing illegal in picking that phone up and calling some old buddy from college who is now a top executive in a company that offers your dream job and dream position. With LinkedIn, you are just minutes away from accessing your friend’s personal and business contacts


Orchestra is an application that is used to manage your to-do list. With Orchestra, you will no longer need to carry that ironic mini-notebook at the back of your pants, which is rather bulky. Noting down your to-do list is now as easy as it can be. When one fascinating idea comes up, you just simply grab your Smartphone and note it down. When you meet someone important who happens to remind you of a job opening, you simply need to write it down on your Smartphone.


There are a handful of ways to share files with your colleagues. However, the easiest and probably the most hassle-free is the Drop box. This application is a gift from heaven. It lets you share any kind of file to your colleagues. Your partners can do the same on their own smartphones and on their own files. With this application, you can practically synch all your public files so that the cooperation can start even when you haven’t met each other yet. The next time you plan a monthly meeting with your partners, you might want to send the agenda and other stuff that needs to be acted upon through this application. This is one way to expedite your meetings.


The CardCloud is an application in your mobile phone which you can use to create digital business card. It is easy to share to others through the phone or email. The recipient of the card does not need to install the application in his mobile phone. With CardCloud, you will never run out of business card again. And you can save some money, too, as there would be no need to print your business cards. It is a high-tech way to advertise you.

These are just some of the applications that you can take advantage of to help your business step up and become competitive.  These are meant to make life easier and more convenient so that you can focus on the more essential aspects. If you have not tried these yet, go ahead and use them, you can get them for free.

About the Author:

mason brown

Mason Brown is marketing lead at, which provides quality Mobile app development using advanced technologies. His passion to write on technology subjects.

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Online Business through Real Estate Sale

The following is a guest blog. Email me at with the subject ‘Guest Blog’ if you are interested in guest blogging.

In today’s rocky real estate landscape, selling properties is a risky proposition. With the ups and downs in the real estate market over the past four years, it may seem unwise to start a new venture. However, by using tools available online, entrepreneurs can make money advertising real estate while assuming virtually no risk.

Capitalizing on Sellers

Create a website that allows homeowners to post homes for sale. Many homeowners want to market their homes themselves, rather than using the services of a real estate agent. That means more money in their pockets when the home sells.

To advertise their home, wise owners look to the Internet to find websites where they can list their property and its selling points. By creating a website where owners can do this, you can stand to profit from owner’s need for advertising. Charge a monthly fee that allow owners to post their home for sale on your site. Offer higher cost monthly service packages that provide targeted advertising options for owners’ properties.

How to Advertise Real Estate Online

Targeting potential buyers online is much more effective than relying on the glossy real-estate magazines and newspaper advertising of the past. Online media also helps you reach buyers who are relocating or investors seeking out income property.

Using the home’s unique selling points, target buyers on niche web sites such as school-related groups, parenting pages, or ethnic sites. If the home has plenty of pastureland for horses, try hitting up equestrian blogs and message boards. Lakefront homes might attract fishermen. Regardless of your target audience, there are simple ways to reach
them online.

1. Through Facebook ads.

A focused way to target potential buyers is through Facebook ads. You don’t want to advertise that a home is perfect for hipsters without kids, but you can silently target this demographic group using keywords in Facebook’s advertising. Be more selective by placing Facebook ads based on the user’s age, employer or even zip code.

2. By using real estate search engines.

Advertise homes for sale on gigantic real-estate search engines like Zillow, and Trulia. Paying for an ad will help the home come up on the first search page rather than on the 20th page of listings. You must ensure you have a high-profile position on the sites buyers frequent during their home search.

3. Through keyword advertising.

Use keywords on Google to attract the right audience to your listing page. Make sure your site is search engine optimizedso your listings will return at the top of search results.

4. Via Twitter. 

Use Twitter creatively to get exposure for homes being sold online. You can tweet brief but descriptive facts about a home to entice buyers in a specific niche by using hashtags. For example, “#gardeners should check this one out” or “my #kids loved this playroom.” Send links to amazing pictures via Twitter when appropriate.

You can make money selling real estate online if you create ways for owners to advertise homes they want to sell. Make sure you can offer a variety of online advertising options, so that sellers will pay you the highest monthly premium for your services. Using this method, you can take advantage of people who want to sell their homes, but avoid
loosing money in a turbulent marketplace.

About the Author:


Hadi Arti is a partner & CEO at RE/MAX Executive Realty, a Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate company providing the most-up-to-date listing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hadi has more than 30 years of residential real estate experience as a Realtor, broker, and home builder.

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Brands that Rule IT World Today

The following is a guest blog. Email me at with the subject ‘Guest Blog’ if you are interested in guest blogging.

In today’s world, IT companies are taking over and establishing themselves as the top brands in the world. Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM are four of the top five brands in the world, with the other brand in the top 5 being McDonald’s. One thing that these companies all have in common is that they have catchy, relevant names. A naming agency can do wonders for any business, and that has obviously been the case for these top four IT companies.

Apple is king

There is no other company that is more important than Apple right now, and this is a company that definitely benefits from a simple, yet catchy namesake. Although a naming agency is not required for all amazing names, they are usually used when you need to some up with something as amazing as “Apple.” The company is valued at $183 billion right now, which means the entire population of the
world would not be able to buy the company if they all put in $20 each.

IBM is still in power

IBM is a company that has been around for a long time, and this is one company that probably did not need the help of a naming agency. When you make quality products that are needed in every part of the globe for such a long time, it makes sense when your company becomes the second biggest brand in the world.

Google gets its hands in everything

Google is the company that seems to try to get its hands into every business that is about to take off and explode. The company is valued at $108 billion, which puts it third on the list of the largest IT companies in the world. Nobody could have predicted that this small search engine from about 10 years ago would turn into this international giant.

Microsoft is still active as a global brand

Although Microsoft is not what is used to be, this company still has a huge role to play around the world. It’s been valued at $77 billion, and it comes in right after McDonald’s on the list of the top five brands in the world. Microsoft is a company that is in decline, but it shows you how powerful the world of technology can be when one of the top 5 brands in the world is actually one that is declining in value.

It has not been all fun and games for technology

One piece of bad news that comes from the list of the largest brands in the world for technology is that Wal-Mart is starting to outpace Amazon. The main reason that Wal-Mart can compete now is that they have actually moved much of their business into the online world. By cutting into Amazon’s main base of customers, it gives Wal-Mart the ability to be a big player online and offline.

Technology companies on the rise

One of the most obvious choices to look at when you are looking for a technology brand on the rise is Facebook. The social media network has over 1 billion users, but they are still looking for a way to monetize all of their unique views.

About the Author:

clayton tolley

Clayton Tolley is the owner and founder of Brandsymbol, a global naming company located in Charlotte, NC. Clayton has over 20 years experience working with the world’s top brands.

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SEO Tips to Remember When Building Your Site

The following is a guest blog. Email me at with the subject ‘Guest Blog’ if you are interested in guest blogging.

Everybody knows that the first thing you want to do after launching your site is to start generating reasonable traffic. You won’t be earning sales or any reputation if nobody is visiting your site or if nobody is even aware that it exists. To gain better traffic, you need to rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

This can be achieved with both off-page and on-page optimization. On-page optimization is where you should start first since it is concerned with the content and design of your actual web pages. Consider these following SEO tips while building your site to help it rank higher on search engines:

1. Use proper meta descriptions.
Meta descriptions do not directly affect page rank since they are not directly measured by search engine crawlers but they are directly reflected by user preference. The Meta descriptions are the first two lines that users will read below a link so make sure you make it eye-catching and connect the content of the page to the keywords used. Remember that it is the first thing users will see and may be the factor that will push them to click on the link or to move on to the next.

2. Learn how to use Flash.
Flash is a really good tool if you want to convey audio and video or other interactive medium in your site but remember that search engine crawlers are more sensitive to text and HTML/CSS codes than they are to these mediums. Instead of designing a website that depends entirely on the Flash engine, use Flash content as a component of the site instead. There are a myriad of Flash game websites that you can check for good examples such as Kongregate and Armor Games.

3. Give distinctive and relevant names to images and audio and video files.
Instead of adding an image in a webpage and give it a random name like “image123.jpeg,” it is much smarter to give it a name relative to the keywords you are concentrating on for that page. This will boost the page and the image’s relevance during searches. Make good use of Google Images and you’ll easily build relevant inbound sources to your site.

4. Utilize keywords in headings and title—but don’t stuff.
The title of your page is going to be on the very top and is the first thing checked by web crawlers so it is pretty common sense that you’ll want your keyword in there. Properly inserting keywords in your headers and titles will make the site more relevant to the keywords and the content of the page, therefore increasing its page rank.

5. Focus on quality content.
There is no other way to stress this. Write web page content that is fluid and easy to read, relevant to the topics and keywords chosen, and make sure that it is not stuffed with so many links and keywords. Put yourself in the shoes of the user. If the web page is easy to read, easy to navigate, and relevant to your needs and wants then you know you’ve done a good job.

Experts like Search Engine Optimization Phoenix will tell you that SEO is an easy task that becomes an endless and redundant challenge with each passing day. So long as you focus on good quality content and you don’t get lazy in naming Meta tags, Meta descriptions, images and other content, your site will eventually rank higher and higher.

About the Author:

sunny popali

Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

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The Internet Marketing Implementation Cycle

Here is one cycle that can be helpful in implementing new internet marketing strategy or upgrading the existing internet marketing strategy. Of course each business has distinct marketing requirements so might need variations accordingly. Hopefully this gives an idea for practicing online marketers or web agencies, as well as business who are looking to do internet marketing services.

internet marketing strategy implementation cycle

Let’s see bits of details for each process:

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important stage. If you get this incorrect, your overall strategy or the cycle would spiral aimlessly. Important factors to consider for Keyword Research are: the industry, keyword search volume, resources available (if you have more resources, you can target more or better keywords), keyword difficulty and some common sense. Tools such as Google Keyword Tool should give you a good idea to start. This is a set of keywords that apply to your overall marketing activities. Make sure you get it right early to stop losing money & resources for nothing.

Step 2: Website

Website is the heart of all marketing activities for e-commerce and also for all others that aim to use website as a channel for their business. A website should represent your business. A good website needs to consider its target users as well as search engines – not just the view of the owner! Make sure users can find what they come for as well as be pleased choosing your business.

Step 3: SEO (on page)

For a business, nothing is worse than having a great looking website that nobody knows about. If you have done the keyword research properly, you are in the right track. Else more backward to step 1 first. As most users still use search engines such as Google to find most of the stuffs online, you should know how to make a site that search engines can rank well. Search engines such as Google considers content of website as well as who is liking to them to rank it. As you make the website, make sure you make the adjustments on site to make it SEO friendly.

Step 4: Updates

One way communication is dead. You need to be alive, keep updated content and communicate with users. Blog is a great way to keep users updated. You need to write regularly. Again the guidelines on what to update goes back to keyword research of Step 1. Make sure you get them right. Having a blog that doesn’t update or doesn’t update related content is a turn-off and a resource hog. If you can’t find the resources to blog or keep users updated, blogging may not even for your business. You can integrate your news/blog with social media as well for better user experience.

Step 5: Social Media

Internet is not the one way communication as it used to be. With social sites, growing internet reach and ease of access through mobile devices, each consumer has the power to access & share information to worldwide users in real-time. You can no longer do waiting business. You need to be where your prospects are and communicate to them being yourself. Be creative & authentic so users can like you. There are growing number of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube that are not only great for real-time communication for also  for long term online branding.

Step 6: Email Marketing

Email marketing or permission marketing is another great way to reach to your prospects and consumers. Once you have a content strategy for website and social media, it is a good idea to reach to users using email. Email newsletters can also be a good way to send offers and updates to users directly to their inbox. Be sure you collect your user details through website or direct connection only.

Step 7: SEO (off page)

Search engines rank website based on content of website and recommendations on the Internet. Now that you have covered on-page SEO on Step 3, spend some time for getting good content that others can recommend. Link building can be a tedious and ongoing process that you should do to get visitors to your website through search or other channels. Again it helps if the keyword research has been done well. Make sure you follow genuine techniques to get links and be aware of search algorithm changes such as Google Panda or Penguin. If you are considering affiliate marketing, for example, make sure it follows the search engine guidelines.

Step 8: PPC Advertising

SEO is great but slow. If you need quick results, choose advertising.  On the Internet, PPC or pay per click ads are a great way to do it, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads being the most popular ones. PPC advertising is also a great way to spread words about new brands. Whether you want to overlap PPC campaigns with your SEO keywords depends on your business requirement.

Like other life-cycles, internet marketing is a continuous process and should be integrated with overall marketing strategy of the business. The good thing about Internet marketing is that the results are more measurable than other forms of marketing. However, unlike other cycles, it does not necessarily go through same cycle every time after completion. For example, the on-site SEO or web usability parts will be needed less after the first cycle.

Which Internet marketing strategy do you follow?

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