SEO tips for website

Who doesn’t want to rank the highest on search engines such as Google or Yahoo? Follow these basic search engine optimization (SEO) tips to help your website rank better.

  • Do some keyword research first. It helps to know about the important keywords to target.
  • Buy a domain name with keyword if possible. Domain names cannot be changed later.
  • Use keywords throughout the web site. But focus on only one keyword per page.
  • Create a sitemap. Sitemaps help search engines crawl your website better.
  • Avoid using Flash. Flash are not indexed properly by search engines.
  • Go for search friendly website design. Navigation should be easy for visitors as well as search engines.
  • Apply META tags optimization. These are the tags that are indexed by search engines and should be used wisely.
  • Apply ALT tags optimization. Search engines don’t recognize images, so don’t forget to give description of your images.
  • URL structure optimization for dynamic pages. Include keywords in them or use search friendly content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.
  • Control overall page size. Smaller size pages are better for users as well as Google.
  • Use headings. Headings are good place to put your keywords.
  • Optimize anchor text for your links. Links should include keywords for best results.
  • Get links to your website. This can be using link exchange or using social media.
  • Do social media optimization. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to target your keywords.
  • Put fresh content online. Having new useful content always helps in SEO.
  • Do not fool search engines. Bad ethics or bad tactics eventually backfire at your online business too.

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