Google bias – Google Books Explosion

Does Google give preference to search results from its own products? It has been a topic of great discussion, particularly after the search bias research by Benjamin Edelman. In my recent search for long phrases I also found Google’s ineffectiveness in results and a bias towards its product Google Books.

Here are some of the results on Google search engine.

Query 1:
Do any of them show progress? Which one is the best? Note the characteristics
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 10. External results = 0.

Query 2:
not everybody are created equal. But what is the logic? Shall we proceed
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 9. External results = 1 (6th position)

Query 3:
I suspect not. Why is this happening only here? Answer remains to be explored.
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 7. External links = 3 (starting from 5th position)

Other search engines such as Yahoo do not display Google Books results for these terms. Does this show some problems with the search algorithm of Google? Or intentional bias towards its product, that is Google Books in this case? The problem here with the search results is that there is no relevance to the search phrase and the displayed Google Books result. So what is with this explosion of Google Books results? I believe Google knows the answer. But will it tell?


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