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Brands that Rule IT World Today

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In today’s world, IT companies are taking over and establishing themselves as the top brands in the world. Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM are four of the top five brands in the world, with the other brand in the top 5 being McDonald’s. One thing that these companies all have in common is that they have catchy, relevant names. A naming agency can do wonders for any business, and that has obviously been the case for these top four IT companies.

Apple is king

There is no other company that is more important than Apple right now, and this is a company that definitely benefits from a simple, yet catchy namesake. Although a naming agency is not required for all amazing names, they are usually used when you need to some up with something as amazing as “Apple.” The company is valued at $183 billion right now, which means the entire population of the
world would not be able to buy the company if they all put in $20 each.

IBM is still in power

IBM is a company that has been around for a long time, and this is one company that probably did not need the help of a naming agency. When you make quality products that are needed in every part of the globe for such a long time, it makes sense when your company becomes the second biggest brand in the world.

Google gets its hands in everything

Google is the company that seems to try to get its hands into every business that is about to take off and explode. The company is valued at $108 billion, which puts it third on the list of the largest IT companies in the world. Nobody could have predicted that this small search engine from about 10 years ago would turn into this international giant.

Microsoft is still active as a global brand

Although Microsoft is not what is used to be, this company still has a huge role to play around the world. It’s been valued at $77 billion, and it comes in right after McDonald’s on the list of the top five brands in the world. Microsoft is a company that is in decline, but it shows you how powerful the world of technology can be when one of the top 5 brands in the world is actually one that is declining in value.

It has not been all fun and games for technology

One piece of bad news that comes from the list of the largest brands in the world for technology is that Wal-Mart is starting to outpace Amazon. The main reason that Wal-Mart can compete now is that they have actually moved much of their business into the online world. By cutting into Amazon’s main base of customers, it gives Wal-Mart the ability to be a big player online and offline.

Technology companies on the rise

One of the most obvious choices to look at when you are looking for a technology brand on the rise is Facebook. The social media network has over 1 billion users, but they are still looking for a way to monetize all of their unique views.

About the Author:

clayton tolley

Clayton Tolley is the owner and founder of Brandsymbol, a global naming company located in Charlotte, NC. Clayton has over 20 years experience working with the world’s top brands.

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Google+ Pages for Business

Google+ Pages allows creating online presence for business and brands through Google+, much like the Facebook Pages. Pages can be created for several categories such as:

  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Local Business or Place
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Creating Google+ Pages

Google+ pages are similar to the regular Google+ profiles in the sense that it allows profile owners to add or block people to chosen circles, share content, +1 on others’ content such as comments or photos, and create and join Hangouts. Google+ Pages can be identified with the square shape next to the name at the top of the page.

However there are some important differences that must be taken into consideration. Using Google+ personal profile for promoting business can get the person to be banned from Google+ altogether. The differences between Google+ page from normal profiles are:

  • Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned.
  • Pages can be made for a variety of different purposes as mentioned above whereas profiles can only be made for people.
  • The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public. So Google can index everything on Google+ Pages for their search results unless you change the settings.
  • Pages have the +1 button at the left navigation. (similar to Like Option at top of a Page in Facebook)
  • Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.
  • Pages can’t play games.
  • Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’ (that is circles of circles – or friends of friends).
  • Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar.
  • Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.
  • Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location.

In future users will be able to reach to a Google+ Business Pages by directly searching in Google for “+BusinessName”, such as +Coke or +Pepsi.

You can start creating Google+ Pages now here.

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New location targeting features on Google AdWords

Google AdWords location targeting tool has undergone some changes to make it more easier to target. Some of the new features added are:

  • Search Suggestions
  • Nearby Locations
  • Reach
  • Improved Location Outlines
  • Location Target Limits per Campaign

Meanwhile some of the old obsolete features have been phased out. You can see the details here too.

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