Review of e-commerce in Nepal

Here is a review of the service of the e-commerce in Nepal. This is based on the last 3 months transactions.

Food and essentials supplies were ordered from each of the e-commerce store. All orders were made during the COVID-19 lockdown so the timing is more challenging than normal for anyone. Also, some of these opted for e-commerce mainly due to the lockdown so digital is not their primary thing.

In total, we ordered from 12 e-commerce platforms so far. We categorized them into 3 tiers based on the service and experience. The top tiers are the one which had an overall great service and experience. The mid tier are the ones with unpredictable service. The bottom tier are the ones with terrible experience.

Top Tier
Daraz, Foodmandu, Foodmario, Bhoj, SastoDeal, MeroKirana, Infi Store

Mid Tier
Thulo, Sarasmart

Bottom Tier
Bhatbhateni, SalesBerry, Gyapu

Review of the top e-commerce in Nepal

Daraz: 4.5/5
App: good and consistent
Service: good and consistent
Other: frozen food not available / vegetables not available

Foodmandu: 4/5
App: good
Service: good
Other: frozen item not kept in ice

Foodmario: 4/5
App: good
Service: good
Other: bad for frozen food

Bhoj: 4/5
App: not easy to use
Service: good
Other: good for frozen food

Sastodeal: 4/5
App: not available
Service: good
Other: lockdown essentials presented well on website

MeroKirana: 4/5
App: good and consistent
Service: good
Other: limited products but good service

Infi Store: 4/5
App: not available, website good but slow
Service: good
Other: some of the vegetables were not fresh

Thulo: 2/5
App: ok but unavailable items shown
Service: ok but good items about to expire
Other: issue with payment

Sarasmart: 2/5
App: ok but expired items shown
Service: ok cancelled items delivered

Bhatbhateni: 0/5
App: not available
Service: not good slow or no response
Other: minimum order Rs. 5,000

SalesBerry: 0/5
App: website registration issue. Location not working. They asked for remote access.
Service: horrible

Gyapu: 0/5
App: ok website
Service: bad. No delivery after payment
Other: payment not refunded

The use of digital platforms and digital transactions increased significantly in Nepal due to the lockdown.

It is likely that established e-commerce lost users due to limited items on their platform. Similarly, new e-commerce likely got many new users trying it out.

website visitor trend decreased for
website visitor trend decreased for
website visitor trend decreased for Sastodeal
website visitor trend decreased for Sastodeal

Service is expected to be good regardless of the challenges. We found that some of the e-commerce are doing well on this whereas others really need to improve overall service and user experience.

How is your experience using e-commerce in Nepal recently?


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