Right Keywords Research for SEO and PPC

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Keyword research & targeting

Using the Right Keywords

Research show that up to 90% visitors can be gained from search engines alone by targeting the "RIGHT KEYWORDS".


Targeting wrong keywords for website will result to zero visitors through search engines, or even blacklisting. Finding & targeting the right keywords is essential from early stage.


Google keyword research tool
Finding the right keywords is crucial for your business

Keyword Factors

Keywords are the words that your target customers are searching for. Finding the right keywords that can get users to search for your product, service or business is important for the success of a online business. Keyword research includes knowing your competitors and prospective customer search patterns.


Right keywords lead to good content for your website. This results in better SEO and better search results for the website. Many online business fail because they are targeting too broad keywords or too narrow keywords or just the wrong keywords.


Keywords research can be done for organic SEO as well as for PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords.


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