PPC Campaigns on Google AdWords & Facebook Advertising for business

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is an efficient and cost effective method to reach the target customers directly. Two of the popular PPC advertising are through Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. In PPC or pay per click ads, you basically pay when visitor clicks on your ad, or you can also select advertising based on number of impressions if you want to.


Google AdWords PPC
Google AdWords and Facebook are popular for PPC advertising

The Targeted Sponsored Ads

Search engines such as Google allow business advertisers to put ads on their search results based on advertisement bid on AdWords. In general, the more you bid, higher your ad will rank.


Website owners can also put relevant Google Ads on their websites as publishers through system called AdSense.


Similarly Facebook allows advertisers to put ads based on the target demographics or phsychographics, such as interest.


The success of PPC campaign highly depends on the search volume and the quality factors. As always, it is best to start with keyword research.



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