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Archive: July, 2011

Google bias – Google Books Explosion

Does Google give preference to search results from its own products? It has been a topic of great discussion, particularly after the search bias research by Benjamin Edelman. In my recent search for long phrases I also found Google’s ineffectiveness in results and a bias towards its product Google Books.

Here are some of the results on Google search engine.

Query 1:
Do any of them show progress? Which one is the best? Note the characteristics
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 10. External results = 0.

Query 2:
not everybody are created equal. But what is the logic? Shall we proceed
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 9. External results = 1 (6th position)

Query 3:
I suspect not. Why is this happening only here? Answer remains to be explored.
Google Books results among the top 10 results = 7. External links = 3 (starting from 5th position)

Other search engines such as Yahoo do not display Google Books results for these terms. Does this show some problems with the search algorithm of Google? Or intentional bias towards its product, that is Google Books in this case? The problem here with the search results is that there is no relevance to the search phrase and the displayed Google Books result. So what is with this explosion of Google Books results? I believe Google knows the answer. But will it tell?

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101 awesome marketing quotes

Here is a collection of 101 great quotes of modern day marketing, especially regarding social media and internet marketing.

The first quote by marketing Guru Seth Godin is “If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late”. And that’s just the beginning.

Which is your favorite quote?

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Website Marketing Strategy

In general, a website can serve any of these three purpose.

A) Website providing information regarding your professional services
B) Website selling products or services online
C) Website as direct source for generating income through ads

Website Marketing Strategy

Having a website fulfills different objectives or goals for different groups. Understanding your goals is the first step to proper website marketing. Let’s look at the three categories to see where you fit in and what you should do.

A) Website providing information of professional services

Example types:
Business houses, hospitals, universities, colleges, institutions, professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs.

These need website to provide the information of organization to existing clients, or as a contact channel for target clients.

Website goals:
Allow users to contact you via email, contact form or telephone or personal visit
Spread organizational information
Provide products and services information
Brand awareness

Recommended marketing strategy:
Go for a good website design that is pleasing+easy easy to use and is search friendly (so that people can find you on Google or Yahoo). If you are in this category, your website can go for on-page or off-page SEO to make it search engine friendly. If your organizational brand management is important, your website can go for social media marketing as well as online advertising.

What you should do:
Go for a search friendly website designer + SEO for building such website.

B) Website selling products or services online

Example types:
Export, travel, ticketing, supermarkets, online shopping carts, web applications, online transactions

These can be websites that sell products or services online using debit or credit cards. Or these website can allow users to fill up details regarding their interest or place booking orders.

Website Goals:
Make an online enquiry
Make an online order
Online purchase

Recommended marketing strategy:
Along with good looking and search friendly, your website should have transaction system that is easy to access and use. This may mean checkout system using third party applications for online transaction. Or it may be a booking form that visitors can fill to order the product or service or seek further information. If your website has many products or services, you can go for search engine friendly content management systems, or CMS so that your staff can put the new products or services whenever needed. Promote popular products or services more through search engines and social media.

What you should do:
Hire a team of expert programmer, designer and Internet marketer for your website.

C) Website as direct source for generating income through ads

Example types:
Content blogs, affiliate networks, business listing, news aggregator, social sites

These can be websites that do not have any product or service of their own but sustain through ads. In fact, they advertise third party products or services on the websites or gather useful information through RSS or produce user generated content.

Website Goals:
Get high traffic to website
Get users to try products or services on the website
Get visitors to click on ads
Get high number of registrations
Get high number of interactions

Recommended marketing strategy:
Search engine optimization (SEO) and viral social media promotion play a big role for such websites. Optimizing website for high volume keywords would be an objective for such website. Also content organization to attract glue users is a must. Having CMS is essential for adding new contents. Understanding visitor needs and your niche is crucial. Integrate viral marketing campaigns through social media to bring useful traffic to website. Explorer pay per click (PPC) opportunities as publisher as well as advertiser.

What you should do:
Hire experienced Internet marketer for your website.


Different organization have different requirements. Knowing your target and reaching out to them through website effectively requires a detailed strategy. Contact to build one for yours.

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